Monday, August 3, 2015

A Visit to Johar Market

After the fire incident on May 9, 2015, I visited Johar market twice. The first time I went there was a few days after the incidents. I didn't have a heart to see the legendary market that left a bunch of memories for me. Last Sunday, I didn't really intend to visit it while having morning biking. I just wanted to pass it by. but then I couldn't help go through the messy market since the government hasn't done anything to it. For you to know, I just love loafing around any market, especially the market I had memory of. using my cellphone camera, my dear Sony Ericsson Elm with its 5 MP, I took some shots of people with their morning chaotic activities. I was sorry, I didn't bring my pocket camera that would take more photos with faster speed. the result I got was a bit surprising, though, since I haven't used my camera phone for quite some time. with few editings, I could say I'm happy with the pictures. Enjoy...