Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leker, the taste that you can trust!

This is an everlasting snack that exists in Semarang. I’ve known this kind of snack since I was a kid. Te name sounds Dutch, Lecker, and I don’t know how people could get that name. One possible reason why is the taste of the snack is yummy and crispy. Dutchmen say ‘lekker’ as yummy in English. Young and old, from generation to generation love it.

The materials to make Leker is quite simple. What you have to prepare is flour, eggs, and water. You can choose any flavors depending on your interest: chocolate peanut, bananas (the sellers use same kind of bananas called “Raja” bananas), cheese. The price depends on the flavor you choose.

The leker sellers are easy to identify. They mostly ride old bicycles with cooking equipment at the back of their bicycles. They sell from one kampong to another kampong, from schools to schools (mostly elementary school students love to buy it). On Sunday morning, Semarang has a center of public crowd in Simpanglima. They can be easily found there, too. To prove that everyone is fond of the snack, buyers have to stand in line to buy, no matter how many sellers available there!!!


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