Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Semarang Critical Mass Ride--August edition 2010

Friday night, 27 August 2010, is the last Friday in August 2010, which was also the day of implementation of the Critical Mass Ride, Semarang, Semarang raided cyclists. 

Semarang critical mass ride is an awareness campaign conducted by enthusiastic cyclist, held regularly every month on the last Friday of each month. Critical mass bike ride is a simultaneous campaign events held throughout the world, and Semarang is one of the participating cities. 

So, on the same day, there were about millions of cyclists flooded the main streets in every part of the world. Just imagine. It’s really awesome! Thanks to fairly vigorous campaign before the implementation of activities done by those cyclists, On Friday night, cyclists gathered, from various communities and various types of bicycles. All of them flooded with one purpose, to promote the use of bicycle as the main transportation.

They were gathered at the Menteri Soepeno park / KB Park, promptly at 8 entourage cyclists began to move slowly but surely making 'shock therapy' for the citizens of the city of Semarang. Travel route to be taken at this time is the critical mass Menteri Supeno Park, Pahlawan street, Simpanglima, Pandanaran, Siliwangi (in front of ADA supermarket). Then they moved in the park - Siliwangi (front PMI - Tugu Muda - Pemuda, Tawang Polder, Blenduk Church / Taman Sri Gunting. Then, they turned around to Pemuda street, Gajah Mada street, Kampung Kali – Kartini street, Dr. Cipto, Milo, Brigadir Katamso street, Ahmad Yani street- Simpang Lima. 

In Tugu Muda, Semarang Critical Mass participants gathered around the Tugu Muda, Their bicycles parked neatly on the sidewalk. This action could make the area of Tugu Muda crowded, where there were still lots of motor vehicles. Some participants were taking pictures, especially when they met their friends from other communities, the atmosphere seemed friendly and cheerful. The trip was continued and stopped at the parking lot in front of Blenduk church/ Taman Sri Gunting. And once again, some participants who were not satisfied for taking pictures, did their photo session.. 

The last route was Simpanglima. And at these five intersections, all the participants gathered in Semarang Critical Mass Ride. The last of all was 'bike in the air’ that is an action which the participants 'lift their bike' together. 

Well, overall, the event lasted amazingly. It is not everyday, bicycle becomes the ‘king’ on Semarang main streets. The people who didn’t expect to see such amazing event would be stunned, amazed seeing hundreds of cyclists enjoying the night ride in Semarang.

taken from www.opojal.com translated by the admin